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Delfina Monteverde

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lives & works in Margaret River, AU

At the age of 18, she began a painting workshop with Eleonora Perez Curto.

In 2009 she did the Foundation Course at Central Saint Martins (CSM), London, for which she had been preparing with an art and design tutor for a year and a half. At SCM she decided she will fully dedicate to paint.

In 2010 she returned to Argentina and did the first year at Public Art University: IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte) , Argentina. She was incorporated to Perez Curto’s workshop and started studying at Roux Art School with Pablo Nosce, where she took part in the annual exhibition. Alejandra Roux saw her artwork at the exhibition and invited her to participate at the next year course for young artists.

In 2011 she left IUNA University and took her studies to ISFA Manuel Belgrano because she had more workshops hours, and she believed the only way to learn how to paint was painting hours. She started with Alejandra Roux for a year and an a half, and participated of the Roux Annual Exhibition.

In 2013 she decided to make a trip to USA and Brazil where she started personal and art investigation during these trip she inquires with watercolour, cause it was an easy material to travel around. 

Next year back in Argentina, she began painting murals and doing alive painting in events, willing to share in public the magic that happens inside her workshop. She was asked for plenty of particular orders. And for the next two years she began to work with the artist Juan Danna as his assistant doing murals.

In 2015 her name DELMONT was created.

She started painting murals together with Arte.mino and for two yea rs they worked together as PLASMA. When they split, Delmont continued to paint on her own, with several participations in “Proyecto Persiana”, painting Buenos Aires streets.

In 2015 she started venturing in mixmedia trying to put her art experience together: traditional oil painting with murals and synthetic paint.The next year, she got back to study with Alejandra Roux, where she was able to get the synthesis of mixmedia and find the comprehension of her own language. 

Nowadays she is asked for particular artworks and murals and keeps her investigation on mixmedia, where the different parts of her art get together and create a whole universe.

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